This is a long page because there are so many stories to be shared – enjoy them!

Stories of God’s healing power & love:

In all the following testimonies, I want to assure you I played a very small part. I’ve never healed anybody. I often say to people, “If God doesn’t heal you, I can’t!”

“I always felt worthless, inferior and rejected. This was compounded by frequent bullying. I suffered from dyslexia which made me feel stupid. Teachers knew but contributed to the pain. I often flew into a rage. I tried to commit suicide several times. At college I had a phobia that people would make me feel terrible about myself, so I took home tutoring. Nothing worked such as counselling. Pain seeks pleasure and when I met some people who took drugs, I couldn’t stand the pain of not being accepted, so I took drugs to fit in (amphetamine, heroine, ketamine, acid, emcat, speed, sertraline and whizz). One night, I ended up in a police cell. I knew I needed help. God led me to receive prayer from Joe. As he prayed for me, I cried out years of pain, the result of lies I’d believed: that if people saw the real me they’d reject me and to be liked I should be out-going and fun. As I received deliverance from these lies and associated demons, I began to change drastically:

(a) My dyslexia improved.

(b) I used to get cold sores from October to April. They made me very ill and affected my confidence. During prayer, Joe treated this virus as a demon, which manifested and left. I’ve not had any cold sores since.

(c) God healed me of fear of failure, the dark, Satan, demons, inability to cope, terminal illness and being alone.

(d) My chest was really bad with pleurisy. After prayer it was almost totally better.

(e) My skin recovered after the drug abuse.

(f) My veins which were badly affected by injecting drugs (they felt like wood) also recovered.

I am now at Teen Challenge, beginning to train so I can help other drug addicts get free. Satan tried to hijack and derail my destiny but God came and rescued me and put me back on track.” (Sophie)

“Thank you for helping me gain freedom. I suddenly have so much more energy. I have been released from carrying a heavy load which always dragged me down. Despite things being quite tough, I feel joyful!” (Anon.)

“At the first ‘Hungry Hearts’ meeting I went to, there was something quite different to anything I had ever experienced in this country. As soon as Joe started playing and singing his music, I had the irresistible urge to cry. (I’d not cried since I was under ten, even at the bereavement of close family). Then I went to one of Joe’s healing conferences, which was the most significant event in my life other than being saved. Years of ‘emotional constipation’ were washed away. I felt like a kid without any cares and full of joy. On Monday morning, a work colleague said, ‘Kev, what’s happened? You look like a young boy.’ At the last conference God eradicated a major stumbling block I’ve had for years. He has also healed me of chronic sleep apnoea, years of chronic sciatica and pain in both arms (which was threatening the future of my job, since I did lots of lifting). At one of Joe and Sara’s ‘Freedom From The effects of Freemasonry’ conferences I had another major spiritual block removed. This is a vitally important ministry that needs to be supported and grown. I trust Joe and Sara implicitly and don’t have enough good things to say about them and members of the Hungry Hearts group.” (Kevin Freeman, Deacon at Swarcliffe Baptist Church)

“After a diagnosis of breast cancer, I received ministry from Joe. I felt loving acceptance and affirmation throughout, and experienced emotional, spiritual and physical healing. Joe would listen, then anoint me with oil and the Holy Spirit would take over. He prayed for the cancer to shrivel up and, after only one session of a new chemotherapy, the largest lump went from 35 millimetres to 12. I was also healed of so much in my past as ungodly beliefs were identified and replaced with truth. During a healing conference led by Joe, words of knowledge followed by prayer resulted in complete healing of nerve endings in my ankles and feet, that had been destroyed by the chemotherapy. Also, through Joe, God freed me up to exercise a prophetic gifting. Words are not sufficient to express how much I have been blessed by this anointed ministry!” (Diane Bell)

“The ‘Freedom from the Effects of Freemasonry’ course was such a blessing.  If you’re sceptical about the effects of the demonic, this ministry convinced me how much in my life and struggles for intimacy with my Heavenly Father was caused through lack of knowledge and wrong or neglected teaching.  I have gone from struggling with years of oppression, depression, emotional eating and thoughts of suicide to a new level of joy and freedom. God has blessed this ministry with discernment and power and I look forward to more of these wonderful ministry times.” (Denise)

“At one of Joe’s conferences, God wonderfully delivered me from a crippling bondage of false responsibility. I felt compelled to solve the problems of those I loved. This was rooted in my 5 year old brother’s death. God revealed I had a need to be needed. I greatly praise God for the much needed, richly anointed and patient ministry of his servant Joe, in enabling God to free his people, as I was freed.” (Sheila Dell)

“During prayer I felt something leave me. It used to cause me to suddenly become ill in worship meetings. It brought depression through my teens, making me want to take my own life.  I coped by bulimic eating which has reduced. I am now able to think clearer and have started to stand against fears, feelings of intimidation, insecurities and inferiority. The freedom from such strong depressive episodes has enabled me to stand on God’s truth. I have a new joy which is supplying the strength to break established habits.”  (Denise)

“God used a period of incapacitation to show me lifelong lies/blindspots and how angry I was at God for past abuse and believing I was not a good mother. God is replacing the lies with the truth. For the first time in 53 years I am truly happy in my own skin and nearer to God. Those around me have noticed the difference. The weight of the world is no longer on my shoulders, nor is my face looking like I’ve chewed a bunch of sour lemons! Thank you Lord, for guiding Joe and Sara in my significant healing.” (Jesse)

“Praise God for big breakthroughs and thank you Joe for being an ambassador in these breakthroughs. I am now walking in the favour of God and enjoying ease of life which I used to long for.” (Anne)

Street evangelism:

“Thank you so much for your time, energy, enthusiasm, trust and hope in us! We are a young, growing church, stepping out to pray for God’s power to impact people on the streets. This weekend played a crucial role in that development. Thank you also for teaching us how to listen to God. I’m really excited about that. Your assistance in interpreting the book of ‘Ruth’ was invaluable.” (Sue, Worcester)


I (Joe) prayed for a lady at a conference in Portugal who was cursed by a witch 30 years ago. As a result, her right eyeball was not central. We prayed the first day but nothing seemed to change but when she returned the next day, the eye was almost totally straight, so we prayed again.


“Having you here in Colorado was life changing for me and my family. What you did was so God-led that we had not seen the like of it before, as the church has such structures and rules. In particular, there were great testimonies from your concert. We continue to reach for heaven to touch earth and to move further into what you trained us in. Thank you for being a key part of our spiritual growth and awakening!”

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